FitFlop Women's Oasis Thong Sandal

Product Features

* suede
* Manmade sole
* Heel measures approximately 1 1/2""
* Platform measures approximately 1"
* 1" platform; 1-3/4" wedge heel
* Rubber flex sole
* Suede upper
* Thong sandal with exercise sole

Product Description
How does the FitFlop make you fitter?Every step you take in the FitFlop helps tone and trim your legs, improve your muscle tone, increase muscle activity and circulation, improve your balance and posture, and burn calories. In fact, FitFlops are biochemically engineered to absorb shock, lessen joint strain and recreate the gait of barefoot walking-but with a powerful new built-in microwobbleboard workout-enhancing effect.

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lizzy said...

I like ugg more than this sandles. Because I have very sensitive skin and thus this sandal creates irritation between my toes. Also it's too simpler. So I like ugg or snugger of FitFlop.
fit flop

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